Travel to Russia

Language Russian is the common language, although dozens of other languages are spoken by ethnic minorities. It’s relatively easy to […]


Travel to Portugal

Top Tips for Your Trip » Portugal’s mercados (markets) are a great way to sample the countr_y’s culinary bounty. You’ll […]


Travel to Mexico

What to Wear Casual and comfortable are the key words. In beach towns, shorts or shortish skirts are normal for […]


Travel to Poland

What to Wear Poland is not a particularly style-conscious destination, though there are some undeniably trendy places in Warsaw, Krakow and […]


Travel to Germany

What to Wear Fashion in Germany differs wildly depending on the region. Dig out your smarter threads when visiting Hamburg, […]


Travel to Greece

What to Wear Athenians are well-groomed and the younger crowd is trendy, so keep your smart clothes for the city. […]


Travel to Sweden

What to Pack »Credit card and ATM card »Drivers license »Map to first night’s accommodation »Hat, scarf, sunglasses »Travel plug […]


Travel to France

What to Wear Paris, cradle of haute couture, is chic, so don your smarter threads (think Parisian, think accessories). The […]